Privacy Policy
DO1 CO., LTD. (hereinafter “company”) protects the personal information belonging to the holder of information and hereby sets forth and publicizes its privacy policies for prompt and unimpeded handling of privacy issues.
Any revision or amendment to this Privacy Policy will be publicized through (hereinafter “Website.”)
Article 1 (Purpose of handling personal information)
The company shall handle personal information for the purposes outlined below. Said personal information shall not be used for purposes other than as outlined below, and in the case of any policy change, the company will take appropriate action including seeking for consent from the information holder.
Purposes of handling personal information
1. Questions and answers related to products and services
For contact or notification to the subject when checking for the content of questions and answers related to products and services, and/or to receive responses
2. Handling complaints
For identification of the petitioner, investigating the facts around the complaint, and contacting and notifying of results
3. Reporting to the report center
For identifying the reporter, checking the reported content, and contacting and notifying the receipt of complaint and results
Article 2 (Period of handling and holding personal information)
① The company shall handle and hold personal information within the period allowed by the relevant laws and regulations of retention and use of personal information, agreed to by the information holder at the time of collecting the information.
② The period of use and retention of personal information: – Three (3) years after the completion of response / complaint handling / reported issue handling as specified in Article 1.
Article 3 (Handled personal information item)
The company shall handle the following items:
– Mandatory: email address
– Optional: Name and telephone number
Article 4 (Provision of personal information to a third party)
① The company shall handle personal information of the information holder only within the period defined in Article 1 (Purpose of handling personal information). The information may be provided to a third party upon consent from the information holder, in accordance with special provisions of applicable laws, or in cases of health or property emergency when it is deemed to be in the interest of the information holder for the information to be provided to a third party.
② As of the present moment, the company does not have any record of providing personal information to a third party to meet the objectives specified in Article 1.
Article 5 (Consignment of handling of personal information)
① The company does not consign the handling of personal information to accomplish the objectives specified in Article 1.
② When consignment work occurs, the company will immediately publicize it through this Privacy Policy.
Article 6 (Rights, obligations, execution methods thereof)
① The information holder may exercise privacy rights as the following:
1. To read personal information
2. To make corrections, if any
3. To delete
4. To stop the company’s handling of personal information
② The rights specified in Clause 1 may be exercised upon request to the company in writing, through telephone, email, or fax, and the company shall immediately take action.
③ If the information holder demand correction or deletion of an error, the company shall not use or provide the corresponding personal information until the information is corrected or deleted.
④ The rights specified in Clause 1 may be exercised through an agent such as a legal representative of the information holder or delegated person thereof. In such cases, separate power of attorney shall be submitted.
⑤ The information holder shall not infringe personal information or privacy of him/herself, or others that the company handles, by breaching the relevant laws, Personal Information Protection Act.
Article 7 (Disposal of personal information)
① When the company does not need the personal information, its retention period has expired, and/or the original purposes have been achieved, the company shall immediately dispose of the corresponding personal information.
② If the company has to maintain the personal information in accordance with laws or regulations past the retention period when the original purpose has been achieved, the company shall move the corresponding personal information to a separate DB or other storage space.
③ Personal information disposal procedures and methods are as follows:
1. Procedures The company shall select the personal information to be disposed of, and acquire approval of the personal information protection manager of the company, and dispose of the personal information.2. Methods The company shall dispose of personal information recorded or saved electronically through a method by which the records are not reproduced. The company shall dispose of personal information recorded or saved on paper by shredding the paper with a shredder, or incinerating.
Article 8 (Actions to ensure the security of personal information)
The company shall take the following actions to ensure the security of personal information.
1. Administrative action: Establishment and implementation of internal management plans, and periodic employee education, etc.
2. Technical action: Management of access rights such as personal information handling systems, installation of access control systems, encryptions including unique identification information, and the installation of security programs
3. Physical action: Control of access to the data processing room and data storing room
Article 9 (Personal information protection manager)
① The company shall designate the following personnel in order to be fully accountable for the tasks of: handling personal information, dealing with complaints involving the handling, and providing remedies against any damage.
▶ Personal information protection manager – Name: Oh Dong Hoo- Title: Leader of Management Team- Contact: ▶ Departments responsible for protection of personal information – Name of team: Management Team- Persons in charge and contact information- Oh dong Hoo, Team Leader (02-3408-2801,
② The information holder may ask the personal information protection manager his/her questions about protection of personal information raised while using the Company’s service (or business), complaint handling, remedies against damage, and others. The Company will respond to and handle the questions of the information holder.
Article 10 (Request for viewing personal information)
① The information holder may request the below-specified department to make the personal information available to him/her. The company shall promptly process the request.
Department responsible for accepting and handling requests to view personal information
Name of the department: Teams responsible for protection of personal information as specified in Clause 1, Article 9.
② Notwithstanding the foregoing Clause 1, the company may limit or reject the request for viewing by notifying the information holder of the reason for the rejection in the event of any of the following cases:
1. Where reading the personal information is prohibited or restricted under laws and regulations, and
2. Where it is deemed that the reading will do harm to others and/or inflict physical damage, or unjustly breach others’ property and interests.
Article 11 (Installation, operation and denial of automatic collection of personal information)
The company uses ‘cookies’ which store and retrieve information of users in order to provide personalized and customized service to each user.
① Purpose of Cookie
Provide targeted marketing and personalized service through analyzing frequency of accessing members and non-members, visiting time, identifying user’s tastes and interests, tracking traces, participating in various events,
② How to decline cookie settings
You may refuse to install cookies. However, if you refuse to install cookies, it may be difficult to use some services that require you to log in.
(Setting method, based on IE) Tools> Internet Options> Privacy> Site blocking
Article 12 (Effective starting date of and amendments to the privacy policy)
① This privacy policy takes effect on May 1, 2016.
② The company will notify through the Notice menu of the company website of any changes made to this privacy policy, including any additions, deletions, or corrections. The changes will be made in accordance with the applicable changes in law, regulations, and/or policies.